5 Best Tips To Wash Menstrual Cup

5 Best Tips To Wash Menstrual Cup

A better way to deal with your period days has arrived with a menstrual cup that is a soft, silicone device that can be used instead of disposable pads or tampons. The best thing about them is that they can be reused and thus you should be aware of the fact that how to clean a menstrual cup between uses. The menstrual cup needs to be emptied and washed before reinserting it. The better way to keep it full free from bacteria is to sterilize your menstrual cup to avoid bacterial growth.

How to clean my menstrual cup?

There are many ways to clean your menstrual cup but the best way to clean menstrual cup is discussed below.

1. Simply use a mild cleanser

The easiest way to clean your menstrual cup is to clean it with a mild cleanser that is free of chemicals and is good for the health and pH balance of your vagina. You just need to empty the cup and rinse it with cold running water, avoid using lukewarm or hot water as it locks the odour of the cup and then uses a mild liquid cleanser like a Gynocup cleanser to clean the cup. And it is ready to use! Keep in mind to wash your hands thoroughly before you start with the cleaning process This answers your question - how to clean a menstrual cup between uses?

2. Sterilize it 

If you want to know the best way to clean your menstrual cup and want it to be completely free from bacteria then all you need to do is to empty the content of your cup, rinse it with cold water and immerse it completely in a pot of boiling water keeping in mind that it should not touch the base of the utensil. Let it boil for 5 to 10 minutes and then take it out after sanitizing or cleaning your hand thoroughly. Keep it to cool down and you can use it. 

3. Use the solution of lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide

To get rid of the odor that gets trapped in the cup you can use the solution of hydrogen peroxide or if you want the process to be as natural as possible then you can use lemon juice to soak the cup. Let it be in for an hour at least and after taking it out boil it again for 2-3 minutes and it is all set to be used. 

4. Use wipes to clean your cup

If you are in the middle of a journey and thinking about how to clean my menstrual cup as generally, you do not have access to the above-mentioned things, then you need to carry a bottle full of water to rinse your cup. After that, you can use cup wipes to clean it thoroughly between uses. Indeed a  great way to keep your cup clean! 

5. Cleaning the air holes

If you find something stuck in the air holes of your cup then fill the cup with water, put your palm on it and turn it upside down so that the water squirts out due to the pressure created in the cup. To clean it further you can dip a blunt toothpick in rubbing alcohol and clean the holes. Avoid using sharp or pointer objects as it can damage the cup. 

The above tips fetch you with the answer if the question is still lingering in your mind- how to clean my menstrual cup?

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